Chipshow Outdoor LED Display Projects

  • 2020-03-09

Chipshow Outdoor LED Display Projects

As a professional manufacturer in the field of outdoor LED display, the company strives to create advanced outdoor LED display products and overall solutions, and constantly implements the corporate mission of "doing every screen with thoughts". After years of deep cultivation, Chipshow outdoor LED display products have been widely used in advertiser display, stage display, smart transportation, smart sports and other fields. It has created infinite possibilities for the refined management of the city and the wisdom of the people. This time, we have listed the classic projects of Chipshow’s LED display in the outdoor field. I invite you to take a look!

Southeast Asian High-end Shopping Mall

Excellent display effect

Passing information on major brands in the mall

Bring customers a better experience

Atlanta Resorts

High brightness and higher level waterproof screen without air-conditions

Plus multi-function audio

Bring people an immersive experience

Zhongshan Red Expo City

Chipshow 's 360 ° arc screen becomes the new coordinate of Zhongshan

600㎡ surrounded by outdoor energy-saving screens on all sides

Displaying the urban natural landscape and humanities

Let the world see the beauty of Zhongshan, see the beauty of China

French cinema

High Definition Video Promotion

Attract more audiences into the theater

Guangxi high-speed advertising screen

Chipshow outdoor third-generation ventilation screen Escort Outdoor Advertising Business for Global Customers

Cairo, Egypt

412㎡ advertising screen picture is clear and beautiful

Bring new elements of technology to the local area

Outdoor stage LED display

Hollywood Dolby Theatre star concert in Los Angeles

Stunning visual effects show the charm of singing and dancing

The overall atmosphere of the scene is set to the top, the climax is repeated

Romanian People Concert

One main screen + four auxiliary screens combined

Rich color display enhances stage tension

Smart transportation

Wuhan Military Games Intelligent Traffic Guidance Screen

The total area of the project is 1500㎡

Installed in nearly 500 areas including Wuhan Star Avenue, Second and Third Ring Roads

Escort for the entire season

Chongqing high-speed projects

Smart sports

Belgian Stadium

Chipshow stadium screen: light, thin, stable

800㎡ fence screen in the stadium

Accurately Place Advertisements to Boost Brand Enhancement

A stadium in the World Cup in Brazil

Highlights of the game, slow-motion playback,

Full-color LED large screen, etc.

Enhance the atmosphere of the scene and make the event more ornamental

In future, Chipshow outdoor LED display will continue to practice the values of "integrity, rigidity, and responsibility", adhere to the "excellent quality, persistent innovation" concept, and provide customers with the most competitive LED display products.

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